Thursday, October 22, 2009

An End To Rambling

After 333 posts, I'm sorry to have to tell you that this is the last one.

I began this blog two years ago as a sort of informal diversion from my regular writing, and while it has been enjoyable, it has become too much to keep up with—between writing and maintaining, writing regularly for wine publications such as Wine & Spirits and The World of Fine Wine, working simultaneously on two different book projects and finding the time to simply keep up with regular tastings of current releases here in Champagne, I have little time for much else. Unfortunately, out of all of my activities, this blog is the one that has to go.

I can still be found in various other places, of course. continues to grow, and on my blog over there, I've been posting frequently about champagne, nearly every other day. As well as providing an in-depth focus on champagne, I hope to include more video and multimedia content in that blog, as well as in the other sections of the site. My intention with that site was always to make it more than just a collection of tasting notes, and as it develops, I'm hoping to turn into one of the world's most useful resources for champagne.

Elsewhere on the web, I occasionally contribute to ZesterDaily, my most recent story being this one about tasting grapes during the 2009 harvest in Champagne. Most of the rest of my writing is exclusively in print, although various stories do pop up from time to time on the Interweb.

So, rather than ramble on, I will say goodbye, and humbly thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate the interaction that we've had over the last couple of years, and I look forward to seeing you elsewhere, wherever and whenever that may be.