Monday, September 14, 2009

New Features on

As of this weekend, I've added several new features on The first is a collection of vintage profiles, which outline the general weather conditions of each year, describe the style of the resulting wines and offer my personal views on the vintage's quality and character. At the moment I've included all years from 2008 through 1995, but as I continue to add older vintages to this section, I will eventually have profiles of all years back to at least 1970, and possibly beyond.

I've also created an Articles section, in which I will be writing feature-length articles each month on various topics related to champagne. Where possible, I am hoping to pair these articles with complementary multimedia content, such as slideshows or videos: for example, my friend Dave and I have been working on a video about the highly-regarded 2008 vintage, in which we interview a number of top producers and taste lots of vins clairs, and this will appear together with a forthcoming article about 2008.

In addition, I've started a new blog on the site, which is of course intended to discuss all things champagne. It's accessible only to subscribers, which means that it won't be read as widely as it might be otherwise, but I think that it will prove intriguing: I will be discussing a wide range of champagne-related topics in greater depth and detail than I have been on this blog, and I also hope to include more multimedia features as well.

If you're a subscriber to the site, head over there and check it out—the new features are live now, and everything is functioning smoothly thanks to my outstanding web team. At the moment I'm a bit swamped with deadlines relating to other work, plus there's a harvest going on here. As soon as things settle down, though, I'll be working much more on the site, which I'm very much looking forward to.


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