Monday, September 28, 2009

Jérôme Prévost in The World of Fine Wine

I've written a piece on Jérôme Prévost for the current issue (#25) of The World of Fine Wine. The article is not posted online, but If you're a subscriber, you'll find it as the lead piece in the magazine's Review section, just before Serena Sutcliffe writes about a billion wines from DRC back to the Middle Ages and Stephen Brook tastes a whole century of Langoa Barton. But hey, at least my wine's sparkling. If you aren't a subscriber, you can still read it as a PDF document, here.

The review includes a rare vertical tasting of all of Prévost's wines from 1999 to 2007: Prévost typically makes only one wine per year from his two-hectare parcel of meunier in the vineyard of Les Béguines, but in two vintages (2000 and 2003) he made an additional cuvée that was aged for an extra year in barrel, and in 2007 he made a rosé champagne for the first time.

Prévost has been making champagne since the 1998 vintage, and when he invited me to Gueux in the spring to taste these wines, his intention was to offer a complete retrospective of his career. Unfortunately, he realized that he hasn't got any more bottles of 1998 left, but the (literally) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to taste the other 12 wines all together was extraordinary. The vintage currently on the market is the outstanding 2006, which I think is one of the best wines he's ever made; the 2007s should be released later on this year, and the rosé, especially, is not to be missed.

Updated 2 Oct: Added link to PDF file


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