Friday, July 3, 2009

Diebolt-Vallois Rosé!

In about a week, Diebolt-Vallois will release a rosé champagne, the first that Diebolt has made since 1985. As you can see in this photo, they're just waiting for labels....

It would have been easy to just drop a little red wine into the non-vintage blanc de blancs, but that's not Diebolt's style. This is actually a whole new cuvée made largely from red grapes, and blended with a little red wine purchased from the Tornay estate in Bouzy. Fruity and fresh, it's designed for early drinking: "Rosé isn't meant to age very long," says Jacques Diebolt.

I've added a tasting note for this rosé on, and I've updated the notes on the rest of Diebolt's range as well, including the new release of Cuvée Prestige and the brand-new 2004 Fleur de Passion.


werner.j said...

I thought he had made rose for toyota as per request
some time ago, but did not released it (for the little people....) as I was told, they love rose

Peter Liem said...

Yes, that might have been possible. But anyway it doesn't matter, since that would have just been an exclusive thing. This rosé will actually be a public release, so people like us can buy it.

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