Monday, May 18, 2009

Duval-Leroy's Maestro Closure

Jeffrey Iverson just wrote about Duval-Leroy's new Maestro closure in Time magazine. I still haven't seen an actual bottle yet, but from looking at photos I've got to say—its major drawback is that it's really ugly. Will consumers be willing to accept a big lever affixed to the side of their champagne bottles? We'll see. I'm looking forward to testing one of these for myself in a few weeks.


Samantha Dugan said...

Be sure to report back, I am wicked curious. I'm with you on the really is!

Alexandre C said...


I'm with you about it.
That's also very expensive (I think), and how will we put it on the bottles ? The Ageing of the wine will also be different, etc.

Best regards from somewhere in Champagne !

Johnny said...

Nah this isn't Champagne, this gives me a bag-in-box feeling.

But - if this is about the cork trees being threatened to get extinct it's another story of course...

/ Johnny, Stockholm

michael edwards said...

Come on Alexandre and Peter, forget your scruples for a moment.At first, like you, I didn't much care for the concept of the Maestro closure - until I saw it. It's a lot more elegant when presented than your photo suggests. I'd agree that it probably won't have a long future in restaurants, but drinking at home I see no objection . The wine itself - DV's Clos des Bouveries - under a crown cork is a decent enough chardonnay cuvee for early drinking, so I don't see ageing as an issue here. Clever marketing.
All best,
Michael E, London

Peter Liem said...

Fair enough, Michael. Like I said, I still haven't seen it in person yet, so I'm keeping an open mind until then. I agree that it's a clever marketing idea, but if you don't see its future in restaurants, can it really succeed?

Bluepastures said...

Respectfully, I submit that (as a devoted student and drinker of Champagne) a simple crown cap with a really high-quality foil would please me more than this device.



Peter Liem said...

I can't say that I disagree with you. I wouldn't mind seeing the Champenois experiment with that. But for the moment I'm trying to keep an open mind—I'm experiencing the Maestro myself for the first time tomorrow, and will let you know what I find.

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