Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ruinart and Yves Ruffin at ChampagneGuide.net

I've added two new profiles on ChampagneGuide.net: Ruinart and Yves Ruffin. Two very different producers, I know, but perhaps this serves to once again illustrate how diverse the region of Champagne really is.

Ruinart has a long and illustrated history dating back to 1729, and is experiencing something of a reinvention, with a talented new chef de cave and a realigning of its portfolio. Dom Ruinart always seems to me to be vastly underappreciated as a prestige cuvée, but selfishly speaking, that just means I get to drink more of it.

Yves Ruffin, on the other hand, is a tiny grower estate of just three hectares, located in Avenay Val d'Or. The estate has been certified organic since 1971, which is astounding for the Champagne region. Only 20,000 bottles produced each year.


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