Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Champagne Exports in 2008

The CIVC has released worldwide sales figures of champagne for 2008. After 2007, which was a record-breaking year at 338.7 million bottles sold in all, total champagne sales were down nearly five percent in 2008 compared to the year before, with 322,453,852 bottles reported sold, 141,244,306 exported. All top ten export markets were down, with the US showing the greatest decrease, down 20.85 percent to 17,193,526 bottles. The US market had shrunk in 2007 as well, but only by 6.22 percent, largely due to an unfavorable exchange rate with the euro.

A table of 2008 figures for top ten champagne markets can be seen at Wine Industry Report. The UK remains the top export market by far, followed by the US, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Japan. While sales of champagne in France fell 3.59 percent, they still represented over 56 percent of total sales in 2008, at 181.2 million bottles.


Eurocentric said...

Not all down ... Good old Australia, at No.9, up 10.25%. What recession? We thank the rest of the world for surrendering your allocations in Burgundy, Germany and Champagne, and we won't be giving them back :-)

Peter Liem said...

Ah, yes, Australia up more than 10 percent. Never underestimate an Aussie's ability to drink champagne....

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