Sunday, February 22, 2009

Teobaldo Cappellano

Yesterday I received the sad news from Masaaki Tsukahara, of Teobaldo Cappellano's Japanese importer Racines, that Cappellano had passed away on Friday. I had long dreamt of one day meeting Cappellano, but I never had the opportunity; naturally, I had been, and still am, a dedicated admirer of his wines.

Today, Kevin McKenna, of Cappellano's American importer Louis/Dressner, posted a moving portrait of Teobaldo Cappellano on the Louis/Dressner website.

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Marshall Manning said...

Carolyn and I are very sad to hear this. We met Teobaldo and Augusto on our trip to Piemonte in 2006, and he was a fun, generous man who really made us feel special. We were hoping to get back there someday, but alas, we won't get to see Teobaldo again. The wine world lost a good man.