Friday, February 27, 2009

Besotted Twittering and Other Tweets

So I finally gave in. I’m too much of a tech junkie to not have a Twitter account, and anyway, doesn’t my iPhone need yet another app? Or you could say I’m basically just preventing all of the other Peter Liems of the world (and they are out there) from taking the username peterliem.

My friend and colleague Wolfgang Weber did point out that unbeknownst to each other, we both started our blogs at around the same time, and now we’ve joined Twitter at the same time. Coincidence? We’re just twins separated at birth, Wolfgang and I.

Twitter is a curious thing. It’s not that I care about what you’re doing all of the time, and I highly doubt that you care about what I’m doing all of the time. If you do, I’m a little bit afraid of you. But somehow I can vaguely sense the potential of this all being somewhat useful, someday. Or not.


Anonymous said...


spume said...

Peter, thanks for the shout out. And yeah, the whole twittering thing is pretty hilarious.

Anon - I agree that in the last few weeks there was some sort of critical mass for twitter (dare I say tipping point?), but the tone of that article suggests something entirely different than what Peter's posted here (or my motivations for using this silly little tool of distraction).

Also, if you're going to be flip, leave your name, or at the very least a handle.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your American Squirrel Wine Blog Award!


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