Monday, October 27, 2008

Cuvée Discobitch

Why should big houses corner the market on bling?

Krug Rosé and Dom Pérignon Rosé are supposed to be the new Cristal, but they don’t seem to have taken off in the same manner. Or maybe they have. How would I know? (And what rhymes with Pérignon, anyway?) Perhaps more interesting (I’m searching for the proper adjective, but I’ll settle for that one) is the Armand de Brignac, which certainly takes the bling up a notch. But anyway those are all passé, apparently. Enter the Cuvée Discobitch.

Discobitch, the brainchild of Parisian DJs Laurent Konrad and Kylian Mash, is perhaps best known for their hit single, C’est beau la bourgeoisie. For some reason that nobody really knows, they approached Benoît Tarlant about making a special cuvée for them, which, tongue firmly in cheek, he agreed to do.

“So this is what I did with my summer vacation,” he says drolly. “It wasn’t like a proper order or anything. They were just these kids looking for some champagne, and I thought it would be funny to make this.” The packaging is extraordinary, and unfortunately my poor photo doesn’t really do it justice. It probably needs some spotlights or strobes or something to show better. The wine itself ought to be pretty darn good — I haven’t tasted it myself, but it’s an early disgorgement of the next release of Cuvée Louis, made entirely from the 1998 vintage. Not that, you know, anybody will really notice.

What’s even funnier is that somebody at Moët felt sufficiently threatened to actually call Benoit and ask him if he was planning to expand his sales in the discothèque market. Moët makes 30 million bottles of champagne a year. Tarlant’s total production, of all his cuvées together, is 110,000 bottles. Umm....