Saturday, September 20, 2008

John Lobb Giono, 8896 Last, Size 8E

I spent the day yesterday with Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, chef de cave of Louis Roederer, at Roederer’s presshouses in Aÿ and Avize. While waiting for Jean-Baptiste to arrive from Reims, I snapped some hasty photos amidst the hubbub of activity surrounding the presses, trying not to get caught underfoot and feeling a little like J. Peterman, à la Seinfeld:

“There I was, in the midst of harvest, dodging forklifts and watching the fruit of countless man-hours of labor fly by at breathtaking speeds. The ground was sticky with the mangled carcasses of grapes not fortunate enough to make it into the press, thereby tragically missing out on their ordained destinies. A man loudly honked his horn at me, demanding my hasty retreat; another came towards me with a hose, seeming to spray water about indiscriminately in an attempt to clear the floors of detritus and the desiccated skeletons of unfulfilled pinot noir. It was chaos.

Thankfully, I was wearing my three-eyelet, Chukka-styled ankle boots by John Lobb, made of highly-polished, dark brown calfskin and built on the rugged yet shapely 8896 last. Thoughtfully double-soled with 3.5-mm rubber rather than the customary leather, they allowed me to nimbly evade the obstacles in my path, keeping my feet dry through the ubiquitous puddles of water while remaining elegant and stylish.”

More about my Roederer visit tomorrow.


Eric said...

you set an impossible sartorial standard!

chris said...

Ha ha ha - love the J. Peterman impression! Been reading the blog avidly since discovering it last week - thanks ever so for the insight.

I'm off to Champagne this afternoon to see Pascal Doquet & David Léclapart about working with them over harvest - any tips gratefully appreciated.

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