Friday, August 29, 2008

Wine of the Week: Vilmart Grand Cellier Rubis 2002

I’ve been in New York City since Sunday, tasting wines at Wine & Spirits magazine. I haven’t been blogging because I haven’t had that much to talk about, which might seem curious as I’ve tasted over 300 wines so far this week. Not that the wines have been bad or anything. I just haven’t had a lot of inspiration.

Tonight for dinner, however, we’re drinking Vilmart’s lovely Grand Cellier Rubis, which is one of my very favorite rosés in all of Champagne. The last few vintages have all been terrific, but the 2002 is especially grand, with a subtle, elegant complexity of fruit and a sleekly voluptuous texture. Unlike the Cuvée Rubis, which is a blended rosé, the Grand Cellier Rubis is a saignée, adjusted with about 40 percent chardonnay to keep it from becoming too heavy. It’s packed with delicious flavors of red fruit, yet it’s delicate and lively enough to be refreshing on a humid summer night in Brooklyn.

Vilmart is imported into the United States by Terry Theise Selections/Michael Skurnik Wines, Syosset, NY.


Jack said...

This has, in general, been my favorite rosé over the years; I look forward to tasting the 2002!

alexander... said...

Popped a 2002 Veuve Clicquot last night and it was corked. Which wouldn't be so tragic if we hadn't popped a 1990 the night before and had the same experience...

Glad your 2002 rosé was enjoyable, anyway!

Sharon said...

Peter, do you have any idea where one might find Vilmart champagnes in Paris?

Keep the bubbles coming...

Peter Liem said...


I don't know where to find Vilmart in Paris, unfortunately. I'll ask the next time I'm there.

Jeremy said...

Hmmm, my experience of the 2002 Grand Cellier Rubis was unfortunately not half as positive. It was quite reduced, cabbage and beetroots as well as leesy. A pity as I had bought it on the strength of the track recors and had bought 18 bts. I'm hoping it was just a stage and will wait a little longer before breaking into the next bottle.

Sharon, I live in France and just order Vilmart direct. The delivery charge would probably be prohibitive for just 1 bottle, but I believe they allow mixing and you owe at least a mixed 6 pack to yourself. They've just released mags of Coeur de Cuvee 97 (delicious) as well as Grand Cellier d'Or 2002.

Peter Liem said...


I remember you telling me about your 2002 Rubis experience. That's unfortunate, and really odd. I've tasted the wine several times in France and once in the US now, and I've always been really happy with it. I still think that your 18-bottle purchase was a wise one, but we'll see when you open your next bottle!

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