Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thinking of Brooklynguy

A few weeks ago on his excellent blog, brooklynguy wrote about decanting a bottle of Francis Boulard’s Mailly Grand Cru. I thought about him this morning at Champagne Henriot, when export director Bertrand Verduzier decanted a bottle of the Blanc Souverain. It certainly worked to its benefit, as that wine has such a bold, ample richness that it needs some air to reveal its full range of aromas.

Certainly I’m not just some guy that walked in off of the street, but I did think that it was admirably bold of Verduzier to decant a champagne in front of some journalist that he just met. But apparently he does it all the time, and not just with the Blanc Souverain. “We also carafe wines that are mature — not old, but a bit tight,” says Verduzier. “For example, the 1996 is a good wine to carafe, as it’s still a little bit tight, and putting it in a carafe opens up the aromas a little bit.”


Carl said...

Would that be Demerara sugar from Guyana or from Mauritius? (Just kidding.)

Christian said...

This is a great blog-- thanks for writing it. I'm obsessed with food and I've been trying to write more about London restaurants on my own blog Let me know what you think.

Brooklynguy said...

thanks so much for the shout-out Peter.

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