Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday Afternoon at Augé... plus a Super Soccer Star

I’m in Paris this weekend, and yesterday afternoon I went down to Augé, the city’s greatest wine store, to buy a bottle of Chinon blanc I’ve been wanting. Upon arriving, I was happily surprised to discover that a number of the Loire’s top producers happened to be there, holding a tasting out on the sidewalk in front of the shop. It was all fantastic and semi-chaotic fun — I was greeted immediately by a kiss on the cheeks from Catherine Breton, waved at Eric Nicolas who was pouring his whole range of 2006s, and ran into Thierry Puzelat on my way inside (who had just dropped a bottle of La Tesnière that was merrily cascading all over the sidewalk). Marc Angeli was there, trying to politely ignore some French idiot who was trying to taste Les Fourchades and smoke a cigar at the same time; Jérôme Lenoir was cheerily pouring three vintages of Chinon and his superb 2004 Chinon blanc, from 100-year old chenin vines. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I missed out on some great photos of all the conviviality. That just meant I could focus on drinking. But for some photos depicting the action from past events, as well as excellent photos and essays on other happenings in the wine world, check out Bertrand Celce’s superb blog called Wine Terroirs.

In other random news, Luca, my three-year old nephew, has started soccer lessons! A noble and exceptionally outstanding activity to engage in. With that big ol’ head of his, I’m thinking maybe central defender — a future number 3 for the Azzurri. Here, however, he’s got nothing on his mind but the goal.

Finally, I apologize if any of you had trouble accessing my blog yesterday. It was completely my fault — I was updating some things with my hosting server and in my bumbling ineptitude I completely fouled everything up, requiring an hour or so of disaster control to get everything going again. It should be fine now, but if at some point it isn’t, please let me know via e-mail.


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