Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pierre Péters Gets a Makeover

Pierre Péters, one of the finest estates in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, is changing the designs of its labels. Rodolphe Péters cites legibility as the primary factor: “There was too much information on the old label,” he says, “and it was difficult to read on store shelves.” In this photo, the old label for the vintage wine is on the left; on the right is the new one, to be introduced with the 2003 vintage. The rest of the lineup will feature a similar design, changing the color of the bottom band (black for the Cuvée de Réserve, green for the Extra Brut, a sort of periwinkle blue for the Perle du Mesnil), except for the Cuvée Spéciale, which will retain its current packaging.

One welcome addition to the label of the Cuvée Spéciale, however, is the mention of the vineyard name, Les Chêtillons, which means that journalists can finally stop repeating the weary line, “The Cuvée Spéciale is a single-vineyard champagne, even though Péters doesn’t put the name of the vineyard on the label.” Technically, the 2000 vintage is the first to show this new information, but since Péters chose to release the 2001 before the 2000, it’s on the 2001 that it makes its debut in the marketplace. Personally, I think that putting the vineyard name on the label is a fantastic decision. Not only does it make people aware that it’s a single-vineyard wine, but it also brings attention to the actual parcel itself by using its real name. As Les Chêtillons is one if the finest sites in the whole village, it deserves to be known, and I hope that other champagne producers will follow Péters’s example.


Steve L. said...

It looks like the new label extends to an added accent aigu over the first "e" in Peters. I'm pretty sure we've not seen that before.

Peter Liem said...

You're right. They always pronounce it that way, so I've never thought much about it. But the old labels don't have an accent.

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