Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Helicopters (in Dizy, this time)...

Life in the French countryside isn’t always idyllic. Here’s a photo I took the other day of some unidentified producer treating their vineyards by helicopter on the slope behind my house in Dizy. I can unfortunately guarantee you that unlike with Larmandier-Bernier, it isn’t a biodynamic tisane that’s being sprayed all over our neighborhood. Needless to say, after taking this photo I went indoors and shut all my windows.

In other news, I’ve fixed the photo links from my old posts, so everything should be working correctly now in the archives. My apologies for leaving those unattended to for so long.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We are the helicopter company doing this dusting work.
Why are you so afraid about this ? It is sulfur dust against "oïdium" disease wineyard (I don't know the english name). This work is ordering by group of producers because the distribution is very well done at low cost by this method. Otherwise it is done individualy by each producer, even organic producer.
This method is controled and accepted by authorities.
It is strange to talk about this because it is done by helicopter, why not by tractor !
Nothing is hided, we invite you to contact us and to show you the work we are doing and explain to your readers and customers.

Air Champagne