Saturday, June 7, 2008

Champagne Article in the SF Chronicle

As a shameless bit of self-promotion, here is a link to an article of mine about micro-terroir champagnes in yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle. I thought it was laudably bold of the Chronicle to tackle such a progressive topic, and it’s also admirable that a major publication like this one is willing to write about champagne in June.

While you’re reading the Chronicle, check out this article on Italian amari written a couple of months ago by my friend and W&S colleague Wolfgang Weber. I know it's old and I should have talked about it sooner, but you ought to read it if you haven't already. Wolfgang is crazy about the stuff and wrote a fantastic piece — here in backwoods France we can’t get much beyond Fernet Branca, but Wolfgang’s article makes me want to look for more.

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peter said...

Very cool! Kudos!