Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The French and Their Moonshine

I meant to write a real post tonight, but then my friend Sylvain pulled out all these old, homemade eaux-de-vie that his father distilled in Lorraine. The star of the night was a 1985 mirabelle, which was marvelously fragrant and delicious. Gotta love France.

I took a great photo of Sylvain and his bottles, but I couldn't post it on my blog. Honestly, if you ever think of starting a blog, do NOT use Blogger. I have literally been trying for six hours to post this photo and it hasn't worked. I hate Blogger.


Steve L. said...

I hate Blogger, too! The hoops one must jump through to get a comment to post....

Lyle Fass said...


I feel ya but you will figure it out. Sometimes it takes a while. When it does i just cancel posting the pic and try again. How many MB's was the pic? It is a trial but worth it. I don't mind blogger and people have told me to go to wordpress but I have so much shit on blogger I can't be botheres.

Peter Liem said...

When I say that it doesn't work, I mean that I've actually tried to solve the problem and it really doesn't work, no matter what I do. This is the sum total of Blogger advice:

1. Cancel posting the pic and try again. OK, I did that -- literally -- 20 times and it didn't work. How many more times do I need to try again? That's an absurd waste of time. Plus, I tried it over a 36-hour timespan and it never worked. That's simply unacceptable. I even shrunk the pic down to 8kb and it still didn't work, so size is definitely not the issue.

2. Use a different browser, and/or don't use a Mac. I tried Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer on a Mac, and Firefox and Explorer on a PC. None of them worked. It's clearly neither a browser problem nor a platform problem.

3. Clear the cache. Please, as if I was such a moron that I didn't think of that.

The only reason that I'm able to post photos now is that I had to revamp my entire blog -- I was posting via FTP, and I had to switch the whole thing to Blogger servers. It seems to be working fine now, and the whole transition only took about six hours or so, but please -- I had to do all that just to be able to post photos?!?

I can accept that it was an FTP problem, but everything else worked fine with my server, so I'm inclined to believe that it's some problem with Blogger and FTP, and not the fault of my host.

I am also so heavily mired in Blogger that it's not yet worth my time to switch to Wordpress (emphasis on the word yet), but if I were starting a blog now, I would definitely not choose Blogger.

Lyle Fass said...

Wow . .I feel for you Peter. Had no idea. Cancelling it and re-posting it always worked for me as for the other stuff . . .above my head I confess.

Wordpress . . .one day.