Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eating in Ronda

This afternoon I left cold, sunny Paris and came to cold, sunny Ronda, in the south of Spain. Over the next couple of days I’ll be attending a conference called WineCreator, but in the meantime, since I’ve arrived I’ve been trying to eat as much as I possibly can.

I wanted to go to Tragabuches, where chef Sergio Lopez is creating quite a buzz, but I didn’t have a reservation, which of course made it impossible. They do have a small, modern tapas bar nearby called Traga Tapas, which I thoroughly enjoyed, especially for the patatas aliñadas, an elegant and tasty treatment of potatos, and superbly delicious setas con cebolla, a bowlful of umami if I’ve ever seen one. At La Leyenda around the corner, little slices of lomo on crusty wheat bread, topped with a sunnyside-up quail’s egg, proved a satisfying match with multiple glasses of cold fino. Across the beautiful and iconic bridge that highlights the geological wonder that is Ronda, I stopped at the Taberna de Santo Domingo for a hearty and pungent bowl of sopa de ajo and a plate of spicy rabo de toro, which has pretty much done me in for the night.

Andalucia is an amazing place. When I’m back out in the rest of the world I sometimes forget how amazing this place is, yet every time I come back, I wonder why I ever left.


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