Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snowball Fights (And Other Battles)

What a goal by Fabregas last night! The Spaniard's impeccably-placed, 25-meter strike caught Milan keeper Kalac by surprise and sent Arsenal romping merrily into the next round of the Champions League. Needless to say, a much needed morale boost for the team and its fans.

On a transatlantic flight today I read this article by James Kanter in the International Herald Tribune about the possibilities of English "champagne" in the face of climate change. Nothing particularly new, but it's a well-written summary of the whole issue.

At the moment I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport, of all places, cleaning out my iPhoto library. I ran across this wonderful photo from several years ago and decided that I had to share it. We've had nothing like this so far this winter in France. It's just been grey, wet and dull.

These are my friends Pete and Dave entertaining themselves at the expense of our hapless friend Carl, as he trudges up the road above a rather decent parcel of land. Any thoughts as to where?