Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tasting, Tasting, Tasting...

Just wrapped up another week of tasting at Wine & Spirits in NYC, for which I’m rather grateful. Tasting wine all day sounds rather glamorous (because, well, it IS), but to do 120 to 150 wines a day, every day, is a peculiar form of masochism, however indulgent. Not that I’m complaining at all about getting to taste these wines, mind you. I’m very happy to have the opportunity, especially when it involves excellent and delicious wines from the Loire Valley and Austria, as I’ve been doing this week. But it does take its toll on one’s body.

In other news, my fellow W&S colleague Wolfgang Weber and I received a mention on Dr. Vino, Tyler Colman’s superb wine blog. If you don’t know Dr. Vino, you’ll definitely want to check it out for Colman’s entertaining and informative commentary on the world of wine. How else would I know that what I’ve really been wanting all this time is a furoshiki wine carrier?

Finally, on a completely random note (no pun intended), I cannot resist posting this glimpse of my other reason for visiting NYC: my three-year old nephew Luca Antonio Ivagnes.


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