Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Restaurants: Del Posto, NYC

I had a lovely dinner at the Del Posto enoteca with my friend Dilek over the weekend. The food was excellent, pastas particularly so (we were treated to four of them), and the Italian wine list was as outstanding as one might expect from a Batali and Bastianich restaurant. But what surprised me most was the superb list of champagnes. Wine director Morgan Rich has a three-page collection that will satisfy any champagne aficionado. You’ll find plenty of growers you know (Vilmart, Egly-Ouriet, Pierre Gimonnet) and growers you might not (Serveaux, Leclaire-Gaspard). If your tastes run more mainstream, an array of houses ranges from Bollinger to Veuve Clicquot, Laurent-Perrier to Jacquesson, and if you’re looking to splurge on an old bottle of Krug or Dom Pérignon, you’ll find that here, too. Taking advantage of being outside of France, I opted to drink nebbiolo – 1992 Bartolo Mascarello – but to begin we were presented with the boldly flavored, pinot- and meunier-dominated rosé from Laherte Frères, an excellent grower just south of Epernay. Del Posto’s selection, combined with outstanding service and superb stemware (made by Movia) makes this one of the best places in the city to drink champagne.


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