Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is This Terroir?

I’m eating a chocolate truffle from Bernachon, the world-famous chocolatier in Lyon. It’s rich, buttery and decadent, and while not excessive, it’s very ample and intense, and projects a feeling of abundance. In this it seems to personify the very spirit of that city of gastronomy. In contrast, the truffles from my favorite chocolatier in Paris, Jean-Paul Hévin, seem to embody the Parisian ideal – in a colder, more reserved, more northerly city, the chocolate exhibits a greater sense of restraint, nuance and elegance. Is this a sort of terroir? Can the regional sensibilities of a people be identified and referenced in the same manner as we do the characters of soil and slope and climate?

(By the way, whether one prefers the Bernachon or the Hévin is a matter of taste – they’re both top class. I’m more of a northerly sort of guy myself.)


yusufyusuf said...

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Taster B said...

I say yes; sure, why not? I just learned that in India they have a term for food (don't remember it) that translates to "hand fragrance" (if I recall) which would be used in a complimentary way to say that the cook has imparted something of him/herself into the food...

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